Studio Experience

With the Studio Experience package you will receive a CD case containing a blank CD and a gift voucher for the recipient to have 2 hours in the studio recording their own CD.

All the recipient needs to do is phone and book a recording slot then bring the gift package along on the day for the engineer and record a song or instrument on the disc inside.

We recommend they practice what they wish to record so they get the most from the
experience on the day.

If they wish to sing along with backing tracks when they book their time they simply tell us which songs (Maximum 2) they would like and we will have the backing tracks and lyrics ready.
The songs will be  mixed on the day so the recipient will be able to leave with something.

Henhouse Recording Studio’s in Cardiff, are intimate whilst still offering a full range of recording equipment and technical expertise. Suitable for solo artists local bands and groups of singers who want a CD to use as a demo disc or just to keep for themselves.

Ideal too for parties of all ages – for a fun and unique experience and a party with a difference.

Our warm and friendly approach will put you at your ease So why not give us a call?