Studio & Equipment

Our Recording Studio has 2 inter-linked air conditioned rooms

One of the rooms is the Live room, where the artist(s) perform, this has a viewing window to the Control room where the recording and mixing is done. We also have a vocal booth and drum booth

Vocal Booth

Vocal Booth


Looking through

Drum Booth

Drum Booth

Control center Keys

The Equipment

Digital Recording:

Custom built Audio PC, Dual-Screen,

Multi-track recording using Cubase Pro10 with a vast range of High Quality dynamic & fx Plug-ins.

Other software includes: Wavelab, Melodyne, Waves  and more…

Focusrite pro 40 Digital Interface

Mackie Universal Pro Control surface mixer / 2x Pro extenders

Forcusrite Liquid Mix 16

Focusrite Octopre Mk2 Dynamic


We have a wide range of professional condenser & Dynamic microphones from:

 sE Electronics, Shure, Rode,AKG, Audio Technika, and more…

LD Drum Kit Microphones

Outboard and Effects:

Studiomaster 800 PA

Yamaha R100 Reverb Processor

Boss RE1000 Digital Multi Echo


        Dynaudio BM 5 111

Studiospares active Monitors

AKG K Series Headphones


Pearl Forum Drum Kit and Cymbals (sticks not supplied)

Peavey Guitar Amp

Laney Guitar Amp

Various Guitars and Guitar Pedals


Alto Sax

Kawai MP6 Stage Piano

Yamaha V50 Synth Keyboard

Various Percussion

M Audio Oxygen Keyboard

Yamaha MC 400 organ

Henhouse Recording Studio’s in Cardiff, are intimate whilst still offering a full range of recording equipment and technical expertise. Suitable for solo artists local bands and groups of singers who want a CD to use as a demo disc or just to keep for themselves.

Ideal too for parties of all ages – for a fun and unique experience and a party with a difference.

Our warm and friendly approach will put you at your ease So why not give us a call?